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About Us

A Letter From Our Founder

Hey There, 

My name is Andy.

awkward picture 

Here is a picture of me and my pup Corporal.

Its always tough getting him to pose for a picture...

But I tried my best... haha

And I started Van Growl. 

We use Artificial Intelligence to take pictures of your dog and make it look like it was painted by your favorite artist. 

Here are the first 6 styles we have but we will be launching new styles every month.

van growl styles

Pretty cool right?  

BTW... Im making new styles right now...

I'd be grateful if you send me a picture of your favorite painting.

Just send a picture file or a link to a webpage to Andy@VanGrowl.com 

Why I Started Van Growl:

I got the idea for Van Growl when I went to the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam.  

Everyone knows Van Gogh…

But seeing the museum in person was out of this world. 

All the colors…

The brush strokes... 

The abstract thoughts… 

I just really loved it!

One painting that stood out to me in particular was The Self Portrait With Grey Felt Hat that Van Gogh completed in 1887.  

I just love this painting!  

I think its the brush strokes with different colors that come together to make such a vibrant picture that really does it for me. 

It makes you wonder how Van Gogh could of seen how all these different shades of green, yellow, and orange could make such a beautiful complexion?  

And while I was sitting in the Van Gogh museum… my roommate posted a picture on Instagram of his German Shepherd Kygo.   

Look how cute he is… 

But anyways… when I saw this picture I got the idea… what if I did a Self Portrait of Kygo… 

Maybe people would like that? 

So my friend Bobby helped me design this nice  Self Portrait of Kygo with a Straw Hat.

And here was the first shirt we made: 


I loved this shirt…

Unfortunately I'm getting too fat to continue wearing it :( 

But when I tried to sell that shirt online... no one bought it ☹️

I was about to just give up on the whole idea… 

When I learned about some new Artificial Intelligence techniques that are being used to make every day pictures look like they were painted by Van Gogh. 

So I went down a deep rabbit hole… 

I learned how to code and also hired some computer dudes to help me develop everything...

And eventually we create an art tool that will turn your dog pics into many different styles of paintings. 

Each picture is completely redrawn using the colors, brush strokes, and general styles of other painting.

All you have to do is upload a picture of your pup... (or cat, child, or husband :) 

And we will run it through our Van Growl software to create your Van Growl Masterpiece...

We will send you your Van Growl Masterpieces for free… 

And then if you like the Masterpiece we send you...

We also make custom shirts and wall art with your Masterpiece on it... 

Our t-shirts are made from really nice Tri-Blend material that feels super comfy.

We also carry a loose Women's style shirt that looks great and can be worn casually with jeans...

Or you can wear it with a skirt for a night on the town... 

cute pup



Btw... men like our shirts too :) 


(Makes a great gift for sons and husbands.) 

And then our wall prints are even cooler in my opinion…

We offer posters, framed posters, canvas prints, and my favorites… Metal prints for your wall.


Here is a poster I printed for a friend...  

starry wave style

This poster had just come from the printer, so I was holding it like that to straighten it out...

But you can see how nice and big the print is. 

(Im like 6 foot 2 and that poster is as big as my whole torso.) 

And its really detailed too! 

Our posters are on extremely high grade museum quality paper...

So they won't fade if you keep them out of the sun... 

Meaning it should last almost FOREVER…

So a Van Growl poster really is a great way to remember your pets even long after they are unfortunately no longer with us. :( 

Dog Of The Day

We also do the Dog Of The Day contest every day.  The Dog Of The Day contest is a fun way to vote on the cutest Van Growl Masterpiece of the day.   

The winner gets $50 towards Van Growl so they can buy a t-shirt or one of our wall prints. 

You can enter the Dog Of The Day multiple times a day… just create a masterpiece and check that you want to enter it in the Dog Of The Day Contest.

And then if you just want to checkout cute pics of dogs everyday… you can Vote On The Dog Of The Day Here. 

If you have any questions... feel free to email me at Andy@VanGrowl.com. (I will respond) 


Andy Bedell
Van Growl Founder